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New Moonleaf Thai Milk Teas

Thai tea is quite unique because it has no exact similar ingredients with other teas in general. “Cha-yen”, that is how Thailand people call it, has a special composition of Asian spices. You will find those spices such as cardamom and star anise. It is a mix of black tea (or jasmine green tea), sugar, orange flower, spices, and evaporated milk sugar. The best thing about Thai tea is that it gives a unique fragrant aroma and an exotic taste.

This line includes:

Thai Milk Tea: ชาเย็น (Cha Yen) --> It is milky and has orange color. It is made from Thai black tea mix with fresh milk and sugar. Tall: 95php Regular: 85php

Thai Green Milk Tea: ชาเขียว (Cha Keaw) --> It is from from a special mix of Jasmine green tea. Tall: 105php Regular: 95php

Thai Pink Milk: นมเย็น (Nom Yen) --> A special Thai drink made from Sala syrup and fresh milk. Tall: 115php Regular: 105php

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