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This #NationalRizalDay we have 5 fun facts you didn’t know about Jose Rizal, number 5 will impress you! 1. Rizal cured himself of Tuberculosis. 2. Makamisa is Jose Rizal’s third, unfinished novel. 3. At the eve of his execution, Rizal stuffed unknown papers in his shoes and pockets. He assumed that his corpse would be turned over to his family after the execution, however, his body was dumped in an unmarked grave in Paco cemetery. 4. There are 3 animals named after Jose Rizal: Apogonia Rizali (Heller), a type of small beetle; Draco Rizali (Wandolleck), a species of flying dragon; and Rachophorous Rizali (Boetger), a species of toad. 5.Rizal’s favorite fruits are Lanzones and Mangoes. He definitely would’ve enjoyed our Mango Milk Tea! Read more about it here:

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