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The Moonleaf Pride TikTok Challenge is open to all individuals aged thirteen (13) years old and above.

a. Participants must be Moonleaf Lovers who are 13 years old and above

b. Employees of Emerald Leaf Franchising Corporation  (ELFC), Moonleaf staff and crew, and employees of Ivory Phoenix (IP) are not eligible to join this competition.


  1. Moonleaf will be screening and judging the entries based on the Judging and Selection process. If, for any purpose, the brand deems the submission to be unqualified or falls under other reasons, Moonleaf reserves the right to disqualify the entry.

  2. The contestant is responsible for their own production expenses and logistic arrangements. Neither Moonleaf nor any of those involved in any capacity in organizing, executing, judging or supplying prizes for the Moonleaf Pride TikTok Challenge is responsible for covering or reimbursing any expense that maybe incurred by the contestants.

  3. The contestants and the winner agree to the use of their photograph/s, name, personal biography, submitted video and audio material/s within the current calendar year and in the succeeding two (2) years, and the use of that information in all forms of media and communication related to Moonleaf and Moonleaf Pride TikTok Challenge without compensation, consideration or notification and hereby releases Moonleaf, its employees, representatives, and organizers, from any claims or liability arising out of or with respect to such use and , in particular, irrevocably assign any and all copyright right to Moonleaf regarding the contestant’s submitted entry/material in the Moonleaf Pride TikTok Challenge and the contestant and his/her parents or guardians waives any and all moral rights relating to same.


  1. Contestants may send their own original, creative, and funny TikTok video entry using the Moonleaf Pride Tiktok Filter by singing, lip syncing, dancing, and/or creating short skits.                                                 

  2. The participants can also add editing effects of their liking to the visual such as texts, filters, and green screen.                                                                                                                                         

  3. The running time for the TikTok video should be a minimum of FIFTEEN (15) seconds and maximum of TWENTY (20) seconds only including visual and audio effects.                                                                     

  4. Contestants may choose to shoot within their homes, or at any Moonleaf Store.                                         

  5. The quality of both audio and video should be seamless, clear, and with visual impact. Low-quality videos such as but not limited to the following: low resolution, too pixelated, too shaky, etc. will be disqualified.             

  6. Profanities or vulgarity, content not safe for work (NSFW), potentially harmful actions/activities, and violence captured in the video will automatically mean disqualification.                                                    

  7. The TikTok entry should include the campaign’s official hashtag: #MoonleafPride #TaraMoonleaf. Misspelled or incorrect hashtag will mean disqualification.                                                                                     

  8. The participant’s TikTok entry privacy should be set to public until the end of the contest.



  1. Selection of the winner will virtually happen on July 3, 2023, 10am-5pm.                                                    

  2. The panel of judges to determine the winner will consist of three (3) representatives.                                  

  • Mike Magallanes, Creative Director

  • Artemio Reyes, PR Strategist 

  • Camille Agnas, Senior Content Strategist


Prize will be as follows: The winner will receive 1 free milk tea (any of the 6 flavors in the category) every day for 30 days via vouchers. Only one milk tea per day.

Unclaimed milk teas for each day will be forfeited. The prize must be claimed by the winner and is non-transferable.


  1. Winner will be notified regarding the claiming of prizes by phone, email, and registered mail based on the official entry information submitted to Moonleaf.                                                                                                

  2. Prizes can be claimed within 30 days from receipt of notification. Winners are to claim the prizes on the mall they represented based on their website registration.


  1. To claim prizes, the winners must send the following to Moonleaf using the registered email address.              

  2. Photocopy of any valid government-issued ID with photo (e.g. Passport, Driver's License, SSS ID, Voter's ID, Student ID)                                                                                                                                   

  3. A representative from Moonleaf will provide the following to the winner: 

  • Details and mechanism/process regarding the claiming of the prize


  4Unclaimed milk teas for each day will be forfeited.

  5. All prizes are not transferable and not convertible to cash. Prizes can be claimed within 30 days from receipt of notification.


  6. Winners are to claim the prizes on the mall they represented based on their website registration.

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