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Moonleaf Store

Our Team Members

In Moonleaf, we believe in individuality but we always work as a team. Together, we create an environment where each of us can work comfortably and happily. Respect is highly-valued; we give it to everyone in the workplace, regardless the position. We treat every team member with dignity and we watch out for each other to always do the same.

Moonleaf Korea

Our Standards

We operate our business according to our clear set of operating rules and product standards. In our collective effort in guaranteeing that we serve our customers only the best, we make it a point to stick with exact recipes, procedures and proprietary ingredients. We always choose to do what’s right.

"We Build Dreams"

Our Tea

Our drinks are all about authenticity and quality. It has always been and it will always be. We’re passionate about sourcing the finest tea leaves, brewing them to perfection, and steeping them with great care before mixing and serving them with a smile.


Our Customers

We place the customer experience at the core of all we do. We demonstrate our appreciation to them by providing them with high quality drinks and superior service, in a clean, chill and cozy ambience at a great value. We offer them a third space to crave every day as we aspire to be our customers’ favorite place and way to be cool.

Moonleaf Wintermelon Milk Tea

Our Communities

We seriously take our promise to bring good vibes to our communities. Our essence of good vibes not being just mere enjoyment, but genuine happiness inculcated in every lifestyle of the people in the neighborhoods we belong to. We give back to our communities by making it a point to collaborate with mindful organizations and support purpose driven projects. We aim to be a force for positive action. We see that our responsibility to be a good neighbor–and our potential for good–is even larger. Moonleaf will lead.

Moonleaf Store
Moonleaf Store

Our Concept

Our strategy is to build communities through the authentic tea experience that we offer. Our refreshing drinks extend from tea-based to fruit-infused beverages, all of which can be topped by a variety of add-ons including the tapioca pearls as a popular favorite.

Moonleaf’s drinks and mixes are concocted from freshly-brewed, premium quality tea leaves sourced from the best tea-growing regions of Taiwan. The tea is brewed, steeped and served in authentic Taiwanese tradition. Incessant research and development are conducted in order to continuously improve Moonleaf’s product offerings.

We serve our quality products in our upscale tea shops. Our tea shops provide not only a place where one can enjoy his tea drinks but also a community-based, student-friendly sanctuary to just hang-out or catch-up with the latest mod. The key concept is the laidback but exciting café style environment. Our general store design is bright but comfortable, utilizing refreshing colors complemented by our good vibes playlists. As part of the whole marketing strategy, we maintain the ambient and conducive aura of our tea shops with sophistication.

Our Company

Emerald Leaf Franchising Corporation franchises and operates Moonleaf Tea Shops. These tea shops offer beverages in a café style environment. All tea shops are operated either by the Company or by the franchisees. All franchisees are bound under franchise agreements. 

The Company is highly selective in granting franchises. Moonleaf operations are strenuously designed to provide consistent and quality service at every branch. Moonleaf makes sure that we present excellent value by offering a unique and irresistible menu. We periodically assess our tea shops in order to drive profitability and deliver great customer experience. 

Moonleaf is a Filipino brand renowned to be a fast-expanding global food and beverage service retailer that opened more than 60 branches

The experience and connections within the industry has chartered Moonleaf to secure strong supplier contracts and relations that allows the operations of the Company to succeed at a sustainable cost. Our stringent management system and dynamic team of market analysts, concept designers and idea generators guarantee that our business flourishes.

Moonleaf Ube Milk Tea
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